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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We've learned about titles...

Well it was a pretty awful weekend. Jamie hasn't been sleeping well - teething and congestion from that means he wakes up and basically just wants to sleep in my arms. So my back is killing me. And I'm not sleeping well. This means I'm not exactly the nicest of people right now. And the potty training, well let's just say she's back in nappies at the moment. Because Jamie was in such a state I sort of left it to M. And, well, as well meaning as he was, he's, ah, Useless. Ladies and mummies out there, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Now I don't know that much about potty training. Actually that's not totally true, I've just gotten Gina Ford's book. And altho she is usually a little overzealous for my taste, I think potty training IS a cut and dry thing. But before that, well even I knew that the whole first day you put them in panties you follow them round and make the potty a fun thing, get them to sit on it all the time, etc. To start with we had to go out to get the stuff. Then she had a nap - a 4 hr nap. So we tried to start a little beforehand and after naptime. And M would leave and go and do something else and then she'd pee. I'm sitting in the glider with Jamie so I can't exactly make it to her on time. And I yell M! She's peeing! And he yells back, 'well what am I supposed to do?' So went the day. By Sunday he just gave up and put her in those pull ups that you can feel when they get wet.

Bottom line, the whole thing was a disaster. But I've now read Gina's advice and so this week is all talk about the potty. I've got her nursery in on the bandwagon - I've asked that any time one of the other kiddies in her class who is potty trained goes to the potty that Maddie goes with them to get the idea. Even if it means all day the whole week she's watching people on the pot, lol. She's a smart girl (maybe too smart for her own good sometimes) so she'll eventually get it. And THEN first thing Sat morning, we're going to start the proper potty stuff. I don't care if M has to be strapped to the glider with Jamie, I'm going to give it my all Sat and Sun. I'll crack this if it's the last thing I ever do!!!!!!

I hope.

Last night was particularly bad. Jamie screamed and cried all evening long from the moment we all got home from getting Maddie from the nursery. Oh and we locked outselves out of the flat and the porter had to break in. M said isn't it nice that the head porter that taught the porters this trick was an ex crim? I say who cares it meant I wasn't stranded waiting for a husband who was never going to show because he didn't check his messages or email.

So got in, Jamie fussed the entire evening but thankfully M came home early enough to give the monster her bath and bed routine. Jamie fussed thru most of it so I'm not sure how it would have worked had he not come home aside from me just leaving Jamie to scream it out. I've had to do it before... By 9, just as I was thinking about bed, Jamie woke up again. By this time I was frazzled and sternly talking to Jamie. I do this when I get to the end of my tether and need to vent, usually Jamie's face crumbles, he cries, and I calm down. M sat on the couch and was just staring whilst I grew angry and Jamie cried. There is nothing, dear readers, worse than knowing you need help and someone just watching you and doing nothing. So being me, I screamed at him that he needed to get out or something and he was like oh should I take the baby? Needless to say after a few choice words, he left, I calmed down, and Jamie went to sleep.

After this episode you can imagine how, at 2am, I was past my tether. After several tries to nurse, with Jamie screaming and snuffly and just awful, I marched into the living room, turned on the light, and plonked him on daddy's chest, and walked out. Must have been a sight because when I went to the loo afterwards I realised my hair was really crazy, my nightgown was half opened and buttoned wrong... you get the picture.

Poor M, he didn't really know what hit him. However he did rise to the occasion. When I could hear Jamie calming down and starting up again I was able to think straight (him not being in front of me) and realised that Calpol was needed as was a bottle of something to calm him. I delivered these items to M and went back into the bedroom where I knitted one round of sock to calm down, and went to sleep. M, who now is at the top of my favorite list, and should probably be nominated for hubby of the year, brought back the monster at 6am. He fed like a champ and passed out for another quiet two hours beside me.

Have made the smart decision to take him to the osteopath tomorrow after my dental appt. M, whose nomination grows stronger by the second, is coming to sit with Jamie whilst I get my teeth re-sealed, a process with makes the teeth somewhat impervious to rotting. So fingers crossed it wouldn't be painful... Hopefully the osteopath can work her magic on poor teething Jamie. Who, by the way, has been a sleeping angel this morning so far. Just have to remember to keep the calpol in his system and we Should be OK.

On the knitting front I've managed in my needing to calm down-ness, to finish the other front of Jamie's stripey sweater. I'm working on the first sleeve at the moment. When I finish the other sleeve I will allow myself to finish the final front on Maddie's ballet wrap. And because I haven't shown any piccies lately hopefully I'll manage to post stripey sweater and ballet wrap piccies here:
the ballet wrap - only one front and the edging to go!

Love this color which is the same one as in the picture. First time I've made the exact sweater as the pattern, color and all. And I love the yarn - RYC Cashcotton. Lovely and warm but not too warm yet not enough to make you sweaty. Perfect for summer!

the stripey sweater which now has two front panels finished and much progress made on the sleeve...

I love the colors and feel of the fabric. But I dislike knitting with the yarn as it's so - strandy. I keep getting one tiny strand caught as I knit. SO annoying...

So the push is on to finish these two sweaters and finish finishing the yellow one (it's somewhere below in one of the other posts). THEN I can get my posh yarn. M thinks the Bluebell would look good on me. I dunno... I love all the colors! The bluebell is nice and deep and would be 'useful' in my wardrobe. So we'll see. Any other ideas? I kind of like the greens but M said they were a little too acid. I wish I could see them in person but they don't sell in the shops and I'm an instant gratification type of person.

Ok, well that's this weekend. Jamie's fussing again and if I can catch it, he'll go sleep again. Stay tuned for more progress...


At 9:50 AM , Blogger Lainey said...

Both knits look lovely Kate - I really like the stripey one! Glad to hear you are feeling better this week.

At 5:24 PM , Blogger ra said...

oh my, mothers should have medals (tho' I suspect you'd rather have a good night's sleep). To think my mum had five (children that is, not medals or nights sleep!)


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