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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So have been to the docs and gotten meds for the sinus infection. And more than likely the ear infection. Same antibiotic will take care of both. Also discovered that I've got ALOT of pain from the infection, making my whole head feel like it's about to explode. Nice. But on a good note boobie is better. Or as I said to someone I'm not sure it's better but it hurts less than my head.

I'm a little happy because I've just taken nurofen plus. And it' s WORKING. I've not felt this pain free in over 24hrs. Boy it's bliss. After this post I"m going to go back to sleep and hopefully wake up much more rested.

On the knitting front I'm proud to say I made it thru the 16 rounds of ribbing. Because I don't hold the wool like you're supposed to I have alot of trouble when doing ribbing... it's K1, place yarn in back, P1, pull yarn to front, K1 (you get the picture). My MIL has tried to teach me how to have the yarn in your hand properly so you control the tension etc... but after nearly 10 years of developing my own wrong way, it's just easier for me to pick up an place the yarn instead of carrying it in my hand the whole time. Someday I will get someone to teach me correctly. They'll have to have the patience of a saint...

So originally I was going to knit up one of the basic socks from 'knitting vintage socks'. I LOVE that book. But after my last frogged attempt which was supposed to be the lichen ribbed sock, I remembered how much I hated any ribbing and decided to make them from the pattern only without the ribbing. I HAVE to get through actually making a sock before I"m prepared to deal with the pain of knitting ribbing. God help me when I decide I want to make even more fancy socks and I will because there are some really cool ones in that book!

Really I should sleep. Today I'm back on my own... M was kind enough to see that his wife was completely out of it yesterday and worked from home so he could take Mads to school and watch Jamie whilst I was at the drs. He really can be sweet sometimes.

Night, or should I say good morning!


At 2:23 PM , Anonymous Anne said...

Yay for pain-free sinuses, ears and boobs. And yay for antibiotics to make them properly better.

As for holding the yarn the "proper" way - the last time I was out with KTog (the Cambridge knitting group) we looked at everyone's technique - we all do it differently, so if your way works for you, it's fine. (For years I thought my way was the "wrong" way, but then I read in a book that my way (hand on top of the needle) is the Northern UK way, and my mum's way (hand under the needle - holding it like a pencil) is the Southern UK way - since she considers herself a staunch Northerner she was mortified!)

Feel well soon.


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