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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So I had to do an emergency re-knit and sewing of the seams on the big bird sweater for Maddie (in case I forgot to say why it's called this, well let's just say the colors of the stripes are the same as Big Birds' legs). The cuff was coming undone and the seams had undone themselves. I had the sweater in my room to be redone and Maddie kept bringing it to me to wear. Bless her. So I felt guilty and in light of my new seaming trick I completely fixed the one side. Now the other side looks like cr*p but I'll fix it. Eventually.

As a result this killed one day of knitting and reseaming. Am now reseamed out for the mo. So finished the 4 rows of the front of Maddie's ballet wrap. Now am feeling guilty as the wrap is almost done and I promised myself that I was going to do one piece of hers and one piece of Jamie's stripey sweater until both were done. Have discovered that I don't like stripes. Well now I know. It's the whole rejoining every other line OR carrying up the side bit that is soooo boring.

And have been online looking at new knitting books. Am ADDICTED to knitting books. And there are so many out there needing a new home. Am trying not to collect too many before the next move. It's not easy. Lucinda Guy has a new one out... I love the first one only this one doesn't look as good. More heavy on the accessories and lighter on the sweaters etc. But I always mean to make toys etc for all my relatives etc. Only they're not really the dolly types. Hmm. On the other hand Maddie's taken to the dolly I knit originally for someone else but got too lazy and had to send out the package and as a result Maddie got the doll instead. Lol. Someday when I don't have tiny children maybe I'll get to sit around all day and knit. Yeah right.

Mister snuffles is beside me again on the bed finally asleep. I had both monsters home today after a bank holiday weekend. Mads was bored out of her skull and Jamie was fussy because Maddie kept him awake most of the day. And M decided to forget to tell me that he wouldn't be home for the evening routine and so when he did make it thru the door as Mads was getting into the bath I sort of left him to it with her. For some reason M cannot and has NEVEr been able to tell me at the beginning of a work day when he will be home. Nor can he manage it midday. He will only know just before he walks out of the office door. He cannot understand why this infuriates me. I would only like to know if I'm going to be running things solo for the evening routine - it makes a HUGe difference in the planning ahead stage. It's not exactly easy to get a toddler's routine running while the baby is screaming bloody murder because he's not been fed and had there been someone else they would have been able to hold him and distract him OR I'd have been able to make sure he was fed before starting the routine. I'm sure my 0 readers are wondering why the routine is so important and I just say if you've had a toddler you'll know. With the possible exception of I can't remember, Maddie has her routine and has done for the past 18ish months. In the next 1-2 months somehow we've got to work Jamie's into it. Should be interesting.

So M came in right as the bath was ready and he finished with Mads and then threw the baby and nighttime bottle his way. GOD I needed a break from mister snuffles-and-fussy and everything else. I wanted to get the edging done on the other half of the front of the stripey sweater that I'd just cast on. Was almost done when I realised that I'd turned about halfway thru by accident - must have been distracted, and had to frog it and start again. But managed to get it thru the first stripe change and now it's just gone 1030 and I'm expressing before bed (look away if you don't like mummy stuff) because Jamie didn't want to b.feed when he got hungry earlier. And perhaps when I'm not exhausted and have nothing else to whinge about I'll tell you the fascinating saga of getting him to breastfeed. the short short short version is tounge tie snipped at 6wks, expert brought in at 11wks. Until 11wks I was basically expressing 5-7 times a day. I am in fact a human cow. Probably in some people's opinions for more than that reason alone.

But I'm extremely proud of the fact I WON the war against my newborn and he's breastfeeding with the exception of one or two bottles a day. Yeay! Up until Tamsin (our expert) came into the picture I thought I was going to go crazy. All my American friends and family were like why in the world are you bothering? Because it's better for him and me and because I want to - it's important. If babies were meant to drink formula then why on earth would we produce milk? This is NOT a rant about formula fed babies, it's a rant about the attitudes of certain countries towards b.feeding. I'm no earth mother but I believe natural is best when possible... I had so much guilt over not bfeeding Maddie for many many reasons and I wanted to make it work with Jamie and I did. Now if I can just get past the 'congested' ducts and sore nipples from a teething at 4 months baby then it'll be all rosy like it's supposed to be when you b.feed. Yeah right.

Hmmm. I think I've ranted enough for one day/night. Well not really but I'm tired and the b.milk needs to go in the fridge.

nighty night.


At 4:32 PM , Blogger Alice said...

Good grief! How do you find time to do anything? I have a two and a bit year old and couldn't imagine a baby as well! I must have more free time than I thought (after reading your posts). And still haven't seen any of the photos of your FOs - so, come on, show us......

At 10:47 PM , Blogger Kendra said...

My husband never knows when he will finish work either. Sometimes I'll call up just before he actually is about to leave but he still won't be able to tell me he is going to leave! You sound so busy. I'm glad you have a little bit of time to do some knitting.


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