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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So today is UFO day. This is my first sock. It's not very good and a small admission - it's been frogged. SO why show it? eh, well, why not? plus I wanted to show the wool my MIL was kind enough to get me whilst on a trip in Germany. She picked it up (it's a double ball of regia 4ply) in a post office and it was on sale. 2 euros! I really really want to make socks. And the trouble I'm having with them... is that I really dislike strongly this wool and these colors. So I'm trying to force myself thru this first pair of socks so I can get the experience and then give them as a present to my MIL. She said she liked the colors and thought I would too. Bless her. I NEVER look a gift horse in the mouth.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when people give me wool. (yes that's a hint to anyone who's listening) I'm a process person really and it's the act of picking out the yarn and knitting it that I love so much. So the idea that people GIVE me wool means they understand this. That they went IN a yarn store and thought hmmm what can I get for Kate? So that leads to THIS Ufo...

My mom's got a friend who has sheep and she spins and dyes the wool herself. This is some sort of sheep wool starting with L... it said so on the label and well anyhow I got two generous hanks of it plus a tester freebie (dunno what to do with it, prolly edging somewhere). And the nice lady friend of my mom's makes felted (okay, fulled) things with the wool and sells them. So what better to do than to make a booga bag? AND the pattern's free!

So c'ommon, gimme gimme wool. And no this isn't to you lovely but total strangers out there. It's for those people I know out there who might be reading this saying, 'gee, I never know what to get her'... or 'she only likes expensive stuff'. Well that's partially right, I'd blanche if someone gave me some worsted/aran weight acrylic stuff which I loathe. But I'd still cherish the thought. And since I might even make you something with it, make sure it's something YOU like!

Okay so another failed techie moment... Comments. I've faffed up how to have them post with each post that gets commented on. at one point I had them sent to my email which had a button to publish comments. The button DOES NOT WORK. So if you post a comment, (so far I've got 5 readers, yeay!!!) please be patient with me if it seems like I didn't respond. I am not rude - promise! I'm just tech-illiterate. A book is on the way from Amazon as we speak (for the HTML to make things fancier at least). And I'll eventually get the hang of it all.

So Jamie's in my arms again. He's been clingy the last few days. He'll only sleep for about an hour and then fusses because he's lonely or lost his dummy when he woke up. He's not quite able to get it in his mouth and his newest thing is that he can grab the leash sort of accidentally on purpose and then waves it around unconsciously all the while staring at it and screaming as if it were someone else's hand and not his own. It would be funny if he wasn't so upset about it. we'll get there eventually...

Typical man. Can't even make his own mind up. He also, while being clingy and waving his own dummy around, wants to be left to it to sleep on his own. Just beside me on the bed, mind you. Why don't they tell you that having kids is actually one big scientific experiment? Let's see if he's okay when this happens, or what does that cry mean - today? It's never the same and when you think you've got them all figured out they change. I'm sure parents of grown up kids will all tell you that never stops happening until they're like 30, but at least hopefully by the age of 3 they can articulate a little bit more. Cuz trust me, you mothers of 2yr olds, you can't trust what they're saying yet!

M's on his way to Moscow, visa and all tonight. At the moment he's actually in York. At one point he said he wasn't going and then realised he had to go to Moscow. And he'll also at some point be in Zurich and Helsinki at different points this week. Maddie probably won't see much of him during the next few weeks but especially this week... Jamie might - he's on a different schedule. We've agreed that I'll take over the morning and evening routines completely again. M has been in charge of Maddie by his own choice (and a little un-subtle encouragement from moi) since Jamie was born and I think it's fair enough I take the reins back. I'll have to learn the dance eventually anyways. Tonight is official night number two of the new regime. Maddie at nursery full time (a while nother story) and mommy in charge. M had a client dinner last night. Apparently his firm rented out the Tate Britian. Must be nice for some. He came in late and I'd just gotten Jamie down and wasn't in the mood for how great it was. And all I have to say is drunk men are about as quiet as a bull in a china shop. He meant well but dropped hangers, kicked boxes... I did mention this flat is tiny?

And thankfully, Tamsin is coming tonight. So I get a break from the piece of clingfilm I call Jamie. On the feeding front, those of you who are waiting with bated breath (I'm Sure that's all 0 of you...) I'm still struggling with my poor left boobie. That plugged milk duct really messed things up. And no one ever mentions how nearly impossible it is to heal nipples whilst still breastfeeding. Of course the traditional picture they like to show when ramming 'breast is best' down your throat is now good it is for the baby's health, the mother recovers quicker from childbirth, blah blah blah. Well. Nowhere in the literature so they mention the downsides. The exhaustion. the blocked ducts, sore breasts, even more sore nipples and tounge ties and lazy babies. oh, and how long it can take to get the hang of it. Huh. I still agree it's best. But damn it's hard work. And they should stop (in this country at least) making women feel guilty when they don't want to do it. and they SHOULD offer more support.

Okay, rant over.

Just talked to Tamsin who probably can't come tonight. Darnitall. And even worse just talked to Mark and the people who put the offer in on our flat have pulled out. Dammitall. THey said it was because of the lease, we're not quite sure how long the lease is for, but I think it's because we're in the middle of the chain and have no idea when we're going to be able to sell. We're waiting for these completely arrogant a#$holes to gett off their lazy butts and agree to lower their price or refund us some money back when we settle. Don't know how much I said about the house but it's turned out the ROOF is unsound and that's the easy bit. We're game for a project but not to pay outrageously for the privilege

I am beginning to strongly suspect that's going to fall thru as well:( and then I'll have to find something on my own this time.

On another but related note, I've decided we're taking Tamsin on full time (day, not night) as of June 1. I'm sure we won't have moved by then But on the chance I have to pound the pavement personally, I'll have someone to watch Jamie for a few hours here and there while I do so. Basically I'll have to be my own Phil or Kirstie. I'm going crazy with links today so see here if you have no idea who phil or kirstie is.

As everyone today has said... when it rains it pours. so far a crappy outcome for an otherwise okay day.


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