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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yeay! I managed to figure out how to post the button. AND I managed to take a load of piccies of my FOs and UFOs. I figure the UFOs will encourage me to finish them. I'm a horrid finisher. More of a process person really. I love the actual act of knitting and imagining what it'll all look like. Then I get an idea through a finished piece and well the challange is sort of gone. Hence my stash of UFOs. I've got about 5 or 6 further projects in storage...

Anyhow, this afternoon I devoted some time while M had Jamie and Maddie was running around like a crazy person to photographing what stuff I could find. I'll try to do it in some sort of order... FO first, obviously.

Okay so after a LONG time getting the pictures to post and writing the blurbs, it's all in backwards order. and I'll post UFOs later. Ugh. Time for bed.

Knit by my wonderful MIL
Pattern from Tadpoles and Tiddlers (rowan, I think)
Jaeger Sienna 4ply in Buttermilk, and two others (have no idea which, lol)
Knit with 2.75 and 3.25mm
Started summer 2005
Finished (knitting) Nov 2005
Sewen up May 2006...
Love this sweater. Bought the cotton and gave it to MIL to knit for Mads since she kept saying she didn't know what to knit. Asked her to knit a size bigger as I knew it might take a while... it's now a perfect fit!

Big Bird. In the flesh (as it were)
Pattern from Zoe Mellor's Nursery knits
Lorna's Laces Superwash Worsted in Carrot and Poppy
Knit with 5mm needles
Started Nov 2005
Finished April 2006

Jelly beanie in cashsoft dk from RYC.
Pattern from Classic Bambino

4mm needles
started Feb 06
finished Feb 06
really really quick knit, even for me!

My FIRST ever sweater. Knit for Maddie when I was sure that if I knitted in Pink she's turn out a boy. I used to have purple ribbon round the collar but adapted it for Jamie. He wore it once. Ah well...
Rowan Babies Sweeten pattern
Rowan Soft 4ply in what color I have no clue
2.75 and 3.25mm needles
Started September 2003
Finished March 2004

And that's it for now.
nighty night


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