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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dentist today. Ugh. It was not the happiest of times. I've not been to an adult dentist ever. Up until I left the states I went to the same dentist that I'd been seeing since I was 5. I know it sounds silly, an adult in those kiddie chairs, etc, but there you have it. My parents had also been bugging me to go see a dentist when I left, so now that I've thought about it, it could have been as much as 7 or 8 years.

So they used that little drill thingy on me. The one that grinds down the plaque on your teeth. And she scraped. Alot. And now I'm sore. And already having flashbacks of that drill thingy. Needless to say I'm not in any hurry to go back. and my next appointment is next week with the dentist. Yikes!

But Jamie was a good baby. He had a small bottle when we got there because he was fussy. Fell straight to sleep and woke up near the very end of my appointment. Unfortunately this meant he had to cry it out until we were done. By the time I picked the poor little man up he was beside himself and completely drenched in sweat even though there were no blankets on him:( Ah well it was nothing a good cuddle didn't fix.

I've made a Decision. I'm desperate to start knitting something for myself. I really really want to make the twisty T from this springs knitty. But I have loads of other projects and they're much faster and more urgent for something which may or may not fit for myself. and I don't have very much space so I shouldn't buy the wool until I'm ready to knit. So... I'm going to finish Maddie's ballet wrap, Jamie's stripey sweater, and sew up the yellow sweater my MIL made. THEN I'll allow myself to buy this yarn to make it. At least I think it's that yarn... and then deciding on color... oh boy I am just crap at chosing for myself!

And not to insult her but I dislike all the Debbie Bliss yarns I've used. I've had the cotton silk aran (still have loads left!) that is now discontinued and now the cathay. My problem is the way the yarn is not that well twisted. It means the way I knit I get lots of one strand of the yarn that dangles because I didn't catch it with the needle. I hated the silk I knitted with and now I'm not loving the Cathay for the same reason. Being stripes it looks especially bad to see one tiny strand of another color on the next stitch. Or dangling off the front end.

The only thing that makes me knit it and not throw the whole thing out the window is that the fabric it makes is really lovely and the colors are great, especially if I do say so myself the colors I put together for the stripes. And Jamie will look really good in the sweater when it's done. I'm just trying to figure if I should be lazy and knit a shawl collar or make it like the book says with a hood. And I know from my big bird sweater experience that hoods take a long while to knit. BUT I like the whole hood concept. Hmmm, a tough one.

At least Maddie's ballet wrap will be easy peasy (famous last words) to finish off. Just one front and then block it, put it together and knit the picot trim - et voila!!! And no I don't speak French as anyone who does can see:) But I want to finish both sleeves on Jamie's sweater before I do the one front on Maddie's sweater because he's growing Much faster than she is, the longer I wait the less likely he is to be able to wear the darned thing when I actually DO finish it.

So finally the house situation. We've officially started the search again for a new house. We're going to use Garrington, which not many people know but phil and kirstie actually work for them. It'll be a hell of alot easier to have someone else do all the mind-boggling legwork. I'll still have to do all the initial viewings etc but I'll know that there is SOMEONE out there who knows what they are doing, cuz it sure as heck aint us. And we desperately want to be out of this flat ASAP. So if you know anyone looking for a 2 bed flat in central London...

That's today's news.


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