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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bad news. The people who own the house we want to buy have decided that they aren't going to consider any financial re-negotiations like they promised when they accepted our offer. We had a proposal drawn up saying what the survey had turned up and what we would pay for and expect them to reimburse us for. Stuff that is not even up to code on the house. Like the rotten window frames on an extension that isn't even 10yrs old.


So we have two options.
1. Say okay yes we'll eat all the costs and give you (the owners) whatever you want (basically bendong over)

2. Walk away and find something else and the heck (LL) with them. These people were obviously going to screw us at some point anyways, better now than the day before keys are exchanged, with everything packed and ready to go... As they've said from the beginning... they don't NEED to sell. Whatever.

You can see which option I'm game for. They won't even READ the proposal. Idiots. I REALLY wish I could have a conversation with these people. They're arrogant beyond belief. The estate agent is less than happy. They have a time waster for a client, they've put in 8 months of their time and the owners don't even want to sell.

Ah well.

On a personal level, I'm feeling as near as normal as I have in weeks. Thank GOD for antibiotics. I'll just scarf down yoghurt with Maddie every night since she has one or two a day as her normal diet, and hopefully my gut won't be too affected. Boobie is even doing loads better. I can almost see a day where I'll actually be nursing pain free - fingers crossed on that one!

Haven't knitted today. Instead started Maddie's Christmas stocking. It's a Jolly Red kit, the Angel one. I made M one a year ago as he didn't have one, the alphabet one, and so I figured Maddie being 2 and 8 months at Christmas, well she needs one. I'm going to attempt to do Jamie's as well since he'll be one, but if it ain't done by the end of August then it'll wait til next year. The place I had M's and my own from my childhood finished is in the states and next and only time I'll be there is August so that gives me a definite deadline. deadlines afterall are Good things.

I figure I'm not setting aside my knitting, I was just in the mood for something new. Y'all know how it gets!

Right, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is my first dentist appointment in this country and the first one in over 5 years. Yeah yeah I know I shouldn't have waited. I made the appt when I was there yesterday because M's been bugging me and he promised the dentist is really good and very nice. Uh huh. We'll see. When I was little there was a space from when I was about 9-12 when I would go to the dentist to get a baby tooth removed because the adult ones would be coming in on top and the baby teeth weren't loose. That pretty much did it for me. Well... that and 4 years of orthodonture which they should call orthotorture. And I won't even get into wisdom teeth removal or the jaw realignment surgery I had when I was 17. I have nice straight adult teeth that even meet in the back, but it ain't because I wanted em. Needless to say the dentist will never be my favorite person to see in my free time.

nuf said. night:)


At 8:33 AM , Anonymous Anne said...

So glad you're feeling better. And I had to smile at your feelings about the dentist - sounds like a normal reaction to me. I don't have any horror stories, and although it doesn't bother me, I can think of any number of things I'd rather be doing.

Unlike Adam - who would happily have anything done at the dentist's (except injections) but screams blue murder when having his hair washed. Go figure!

At 1:11 PM , Blogger Alice said...

Funny you should say that about your dental experiences! I was thinking only a couple of days ago about the fact that I had to go every week, to have good teeth removed to make more space, and how thankful I am now, even though I had a phobia about it at the time. Once, I even ran away from the dentist's room, leaving my poor Dad there on his own. So, I understand and I haven't been for 4 years either.

The Christmas stockings sound lovely. My son is a couple of months older than your daughter. I should make him one...

Never mind about the house (easy to say). Maybe it wasn't meant to be. But what complete asses.

Glad the anti-bs are working. Keep up the yog, or get some Lactobaccillus Acidophilus tabs (spelling probably wrong).


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