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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Well what a weekend here. Maddie decided last night that she wanted to be potty trained. It's been coming this whole week... taking her nappy off when she doesn't like the wet, watching mommy on the potty (my favorite) and cheering when mommy tinkles, flushing the toilet... And the Big Sign - last night she came home, and took off her bottom clothing. I figured she was wet, put on a new pull up nappy, then 5 minutes later she's pulled off new nappy, set it aside, and peed on the floor and on the carpet. And plays in it quite happily, delighting in how it splashes about. Hmm. Can't ignore or hold it off any longer. She only just turned two in April and we were hoping to wait til we moved to a house...

So this morning mommy and Maddie trundled out to mothercare and picked out all the accoutrements for potty training. And so far... it's not going well. To start with she HATES her potty. Isn't that fond of the one on the main toilet either. but she likes the stool and she likes climbing. The most progress we have gotten is when mommy tried to sit on the potty to show Maddie... and Maddie sat on the stool and peed. Nice. Stay tuned for more potty fun.

M and I finally made it out of the house alone to a pub last night and ate a meal and had a drink. Some knitting went - more of the felted bag project so I could knit and not think. I've got around 54 more rows to go but I'm enjoying not having to think too much about what I'm doing. I believe it's actually called pub knitting... something you can knit at a pub whilst you imbibe unknown quantities of alcohol and not worry about missing stitches, etc. I could be wrong and pub knitting is simply anything that's knit whilst in a pub, drinking or no. Whichever.

The current house news - so apparently both the lawyer and the estate agents of the people selling the house we sort-of-still-want-to-buy had serious conversations with the idiots. Told them that they WERE going to have to give us something back or suffer the reality that no one might buy from them. So they conceded and offered us a rebate. Our initial proposal was for 35,000. We should not have to eat the total cost of out of date roofing, wiring, plumbing and guttering. And what did they offer us? 2200. Where they came up with that is beyond us. And both the estate agent and the lawyers for the lovely couple have assured us they will work some more on the IdIOTS. We'll see. I still want to meet them in a dark alley with a big stick. Or maybe even a phone call to tell them what I think. Preferably After we've gotten what we want and all is said and done.

To give a more complete picture to all of this hilarity, I offer this image: in one of the first floor bedrooms of this million dollar home is a fishtank which clearly at some point in the last 6 months or so had fish and plants. But no more. And instead of emptying said fishtank, they have left it there to moulder and rot. I hope they're taking it with them, is all I can say. Now WHO in their right minds shows a house with a dead fish tank? Anne the House Doctor would be mortified. And so am I.

Well, dear readers, I have a toddler running around grabbing her bottom. And a baby wriggling around in a stinky nappy. I think I can safely say, goodbye and good night from the house of poo...:)


At 2:13 PM , Blogger Lainey said...

Hi Kate - not a first time visitor, but first time I've commented!!
Glad to hear you are feeling much better this week, you are sounding much happier as well, as you seemed a bit down in the dumps last time I checked in. Seems strange to think I was a bit concerned about someone's feelings I'd never met no? I do hope something works out regarding the house shortly.

At 8:59 AM , Blogger Alice said...

Pub knitting - wow! If only I could manage to get to a pub........ Good luck with the potty training. I'll be interested to see how it goes, as we're near that stage, too. And the house, Listen, if you really want it and it feels right, go for it - flog it until it's dead...But the fish tank, ugh.


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