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Saturday, April 22, 2006

So this blog thing takes time and energy... I sort of can find the time however my brain cells seem to be rapidly decreasing along with my energy... But here's the other big news... Kids make you stupid. I hesitate to have more than just my two for Exactly that reason. Before Kids (BK), I was a pretty smart person. I was a pretty good writer and could organise a sentence. Now? Well let's just say I won't even drive a car most days. Nuf' said.

So I'm up at 4:48am with a cold. And of course when you're b/f you're not supposed to take anything that can help you. Well that's not totally true - you're allowed liquid nasal decongestants and sudafed but sudafed is supposed to decrease your milk supply. so at 430am on the third day of a cold that's got me so stopped up I can't think straight much less sleep, I've taken the drastic measure of sudafed. We'll see how it works. (fingers crossed, I could REALLY use a break).

Jamie's beside me snoring away. He's just decided that he wants to sleep on his stomach. This is a milestone because he can roll over onto his stomach when he wants to! Not too many kudos, though, he's on a small hill - a bed. But he's done it in his crib too... Ahhh to be a baby with no cares except change my diaper and feed me. He's got a cold too but not quite so bad as his momma. Soooo not fair.

On the knitting front have used some of my sick time to finish the back of Maddie's polly ballerina wrap and part of a sock. Boy using those dpns are sllllllow going. Or maybe it's just everything being slooooowww going.

On the house front we had the survey done today. Gave me a chance to walk around a bit with a decorating eye - I've decided to do a fair amount of the work instead of hiring decorators then despairing when they botch the job. Only one bedroom of the 5 is not a complete disaster. It's the room with (are you ready for it?) a dead fish tank in it. Yup you heard right. These idiots are showing a million plus pound house with a nasty decrepit fish tank in it. They're taking that when they leave, right?

The Survey turned up that the roof isn't properly (at all) joined to the house, causing 'thrusting' and cracking walls and 'movement'. And the roof needs to be redone. Hmmm. This is turning out to be more work than we thoguht. Definetly going to need a nanny/some help for mommy. We're hoping that we still get the house - at a reduced price. I DO love a project! And for anyone who just happens to know me out there thinking Oh My God - another project Kate's not going to finish well you can just stuff it because this is Our House we're talking about! and IF I do the work then it's ONLY because I've got someone around to help with housework and looking after the kiddies. Otherwise well I"ll just have to cry and pay someone else to botch the job.


I'm going to attempt sleep now...


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