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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Am going to force myself to get in the habit of posting. Sitting here with mister snuffles just before I am off to beddy bye. I've finished the back of Maddie's ballet wrap - wa heeey! Have finished casting on for the front. I Hate casting on. Am the world's slowest caster-oner. I use the knit casting on method or long tail... not really sure what they call it, actually. It's the one where you knit then put the stitch back on, etc.

Have I mentioned yet that it is Despite my poor knitting skills that I knit? Oh yes, dear readers, I taught myself in college. No one ever showed me and I wanted to know. So I got meself a book and it took me over a week to decipher how to do it. Fast forwards nearly 10 years and I'm much, much faster, but I still knit wrong. People always laugh when I say that but I don't control my tension with the other hand wound all funny round the yarn - the yarn flows freely and I pick up and put the yarn round. This results in the yarn getting relatively twisty. In my early days I used to unwind the yarn when it goe really bad. Someday when I have loads of free time I must (must!) learn to knit the right way. It seems like it'd be millllles easier than my way.

God I'm tired. am up trying to drain the nose before bedtime. Oh and if everything were not enough, have developed a blocked milk duct in the left boob. It HURTS. Nice, huh? I should say more about lots of things but I'm going to pass out now... nose clear and tooo tired...

nuf' said.


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