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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Normally I wouldn't have bothered to post again today but I realised some of you thousands (ha!) of readers might be concerned for poor Jamie. So to allay any fears for the poor lad, here's proof that he's juuuust fine. He cares not that he upsets poor mommy and daddy and keeps us up all night. Oh and he slept the better portion of the day to add insult to injury... So here he is in all his glory!

He was smiling at me whilst I was making faces and not looking thru the lens. Hence the camera dropping just too low for the top of his head...

An action shot of the lovely young lad.

And now he's sleeping. and now I'm going to go knit.

I did the deed and ordered the wool from Posh for my twist-T sweater. Dee was lovely and is going to hold the wool once dyed for a few weeks so I don't get side tracked. I can't wait!

So if I don't knit, I can't get more yarn. Is this addiction?
I'm going. Really.


At 10:51 PM , Blogger Alice said...

You poor, poor thing! Your children may be gorgeous little things but without enough sleep it's impossible to see out of the fog sometimes. I really feel for you. Sometimes it's difficult enough without the all-consuming tiredness. Hope you've had more sleep now. But your baby is just gorgeous (thank goodness, eh?). And the little sweaters will be fab!

At 8:18 AM , Blogger kateandmonsters said...

thanks. Jamie was kind enough to actually sleep thru the better portion of the night - for once! Normally it only takes a night or two and I'm back to normal (what is normal as a mommy anyhow?). And I can't wait to finish the sweaters too... I love seeing my kids in my knits, it makes all the work worth it!


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