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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Ahhh well how time flies. Things here are still plugging along only in recent weeks I've come more to terms with my lot for the moment and am happier. Have lost a friend who's moved up north, and found a new one who's within train/easy driving distance. What a difference this makes!

Also come more to terms with dh and our current lot in life. It's amazing what happens when you start to have more time to yourself and can calm down some - you start to figure things out. And I've (she said proudly) been able to step away and calm down from fights more. No, we still can't go every few days without a tiff and growling, but they're just less and less big, and I don't get quite so red-mist angry.

On the knitting front, things are plodding there too. Have knitted swatches with my beautiful posh yarn, and am thiiiiiiiiis close to finishing the ballet wrap for Madam Maddie, and have figured out the claptois and am making steady progress when I'm bored of everything else I'm working on. Promise, Promise piccies will be following. I'm making a serious effort to put the computer down and pick up the knitting. It's hard work!

So today met up with my new-found friend Ling, and left kiddies at home with papa for the very first time all on his own. We went to Stash and had a good time talking with the owner who I'm failing to remember the name of. But she's very friendly and a fellow expat from the states - the East Coast even! Had a nice lunch at Strada (I do so love Strada and even managed a carb-free meal. whey-hey!) and trundled back home in the heat. Jeez it's hot today.

And what a small world, met a fellow blogger there in the store... we were looking at her lovely socks in Lornas Laces colorway black purl and Ling asked if she had a blog. She said she did and I'll be looking for it later on to say hello!

I am ever so glad I decided to do the blogging thing, it's gotten me out of my baby baby baby world and into an adult one!

How long can the happiness last?


At 10:37 PM , Blogger Ling said...

Hi there!
The store owner was called Michelle (if I remember correctly!) I had a lovely day today. Thank you. I do love making new friends too.

At 10:55 PM , Blogger RooKnits said...

Hi Kate, All I could remember about your blog was it contained Monsters - glad I found it so quickly.
It was lovely to meet you today in Stash (if very briefly) - did you buy anything in the end?


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