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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Sorry I've been so awful at updating - can't believe it's been almost two months... yikes! In that time I've survived a trip on my own with two kids to the states for two weeks, and done loads and loads to the house. My little man celebrates his first birthday in 4 days, and along with his birthday we celebrate the good news that he doesn't need surgery on his kidney next year!

Christmas this year has been interesting with my parents here for 10 days and my inlaws here until tomorrow. This has been somewhat stressful however everything is as clean as it can possibly be and organised too! My dad is very much a doing man so every single project I want to do is up for grabs! Parents are wonderful sometimes...

ON the knitting front, there has been loads of activity. I finished the other sock from the last post, and am 1/2 done with the last sock of another pair. There's been a hat for Jamie which ended up as Maddie's hat, and mittens for her to match. I've just started the second sock to the toddler sock from ages ago in Lorna's Laces Desert Flower...

My New Year's resolution is to finish all, er, most, okay some of my WIPs. There's my nephew's cardigan in Calmer, 1/3 done, the other part to my tank top in Posh Yarns, the other sleeve and seam to Jamie's organic cotton vest, the end to the linen washcloth... oh not too many others, really... (no, really)

Along with my parents came more Malabrigo in glazed carrot. I'm going to hopefully going to make myself a simple knitted bodice (fingers crossed)...

Anyhow, that's me at the moment. Like I said here's to wishing everyone a happy new year and hope everyone has survived christmas!


ps... am going to the Liberty sale tomorrow, yeay!!!


At 3:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how many of us share the same New Year's resolution:-)!! Am sure I'll still have a pile to complete at the end of 2007 too! Hope you and yours have had a lovely Christmas and a happy, healthy and creative New Year to you all


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