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Friday, October 13, 2006


Whew. What a day. First time it seems in ages everyone had a day out and not all together! I went on my own to the knitting and stitching show, and the kiddies went to the zoo with Tamsin.

Ally Pally was great. Bought lots of sock wool. Yum. Also bought huge needles to make myself a rug or two (or three). More about this later.

Then I have to walk home - we live on a 'hill' which is really city speak for ohmygod-its-a-small-mountain, and having joyfully taken the train which was a nice ride home, I had to walk about a mile. Up'hill'. Bad thing about today was that when everyone left this morning the house was a wreck (not lying, either, it was a pigsty). I hate coming home to a mess. And... its still a pigsty.

Pet peeve of the day no.12098: Why do men never call? Dh (which today no longer stands for dear husband... subsitute dumbass or some other mean term of your own) was on an overnight last night. Which is fine. But didn't leave where he was, didn't take a phone charger, and showed up at home at 830pm. And has the nerve to say he's tired (oh, my back is killing me, he whined) after a grueling day of 'team building' which was nothing more than an excuse to have a team conference and spend the later part of the day playing football (oh, i have soooo many bruises) and then driving home (I got stuck in traffic, and my phone is dead. I tried using my blackberry to call but you didn't pick up. -because I was feeding and bathing our children, moron- what was I supposed to do?). Whoop de f*()ing do. Any other normal not thoughtless person would have either called EARLIER IN THE DAY, taken their charger, or sent and email with the blackberry they tried calling from - any of these, to tell me not to expect him until late. But not dh.

And then has the nerve to get angry when I say he needs to change the cat litter, feed the cats and listen/take care of the kids for the night. Since, you know, he hasn't done ANYTHING for anyone else other than himself in over 48 hours. Must be nice. And all of this because why? Because he couldn't find any way of communicating with his family since 11am yesterday morning. I get TIRED of being the ONLY caregiver for two small children and two kittens. (yes I know I have Tamsin during the day, but I'm talking about being the Ultimate responsibility here) I ask all you mothers out there: when was the last time you were able to go incommunicado for over 24 hrs when your children were/(or if they are) under 3? When do we get to flake and forget our chargers and not call - and expect everything to not fall to pieces? And I say to all you men: Must be Nice.

okay, rant over, really. And to anyone wanting to poke holes in my arguments, including my slightly more sane self, just leave it. I know my arguments are completely crap. But so is dh.

time to drool over my new purchases...


At 11:38 PM , Blogger Ling said...

I say leave the kids with him on Sunday and come to Ally Pally with me on Sunday (like we should have done!!)

I can only say "MEN!!" Thank goodness you had yarn purchases to calm the soul!

At 9:44 AM , Anonymous Anne said...

(((((((Kate))))))) - no hole-poking, I promise.


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