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Saturday, September 23, 2006

RIP Ziggy
October 2004 - October 2006

Today we got the news our beloved cat had an advanced stage of Feline AIDS. He went downhill very fast and I'm left feeling somewhat guilty that I thought he was just moping. This morning they thought there was a slim chance that it could be anaphalatic shock from a bite or something, but after getting off the phone 10 minutes ago, he is in a coma and it will be minutes before he's gone.

Ziggy was a lovely cat who was wonderful and affectionate and who suffered the most from our interment in the apartment. I wish we could have treated him better but it was the best we could do and he was so happy these last few weeks - I am glad for that. We love him and will mourn his passing. He was too young and I am only thankful that it illness didn't drag on.


At 5:22 PM , Anonymous Anne said...

Oh poor Ziggy - as you say, he didn't suffer for long.

(((((Hugs))))) to you all

At 9:16 PM , Blogger Ling said...

OMG! He was looking so cheerful only a few weeks ago. I guess you have to be thankful he didn't suffer for long. Hope you guys are all OK.

Astral hug to you.

At 2:10 PM , Blogger Alice said...

It's awful to lose a beloved family pet. I know how I felt when my cat was run down by a car a few years back. I really feel for you.

At 5:34 AM , Anonymous MICA Mudbug ;) said...

just think, maybe..just maybe, since things have been running paralell in a way through both our moves that footsie and ziggy are now purring along somewhere in the great cosmos together..i can only hope. my condolences to you, mark and the kids. email when ya can


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