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Monday, October 09, 2006


Ahhh here we are at last. Found our card reader. Images galore! So here we have he two boleros I made for my cousin and his wife who have just had twins. They also live in Southern California where it's not usually hot, so these were (hopefully) perfect!

Baby boleros from One Skein Wonder. Both in Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton. Two different shades, one Sand, can't remember the other one. On 5mm needles. Started mid-August, mailed mid-September (wow, a personal record!) I learned how top knit slightly different (long story) between the two sweaters and so my gauge was off for the second (boy's) bolero. Hence the pale blue border - I RAN OUT of yarn! I mean used the last bit and just had enough to tie on the new yarn. Thankfully the blue is also blue sky cotton (dyed, obviously) from a Jamie's vest project. I think it adds a nice touch. I was assured I didn't need to run out and so the same for the girl's sweater so I just sent it. Hope they like em!

Next up is the back from my Mondo Cable Shell by chicknits. It's with my favorite cashmere cotton from Posh Yarns. This yarn is so lovely, I really like it. The variation in the color is purple with pink or blue. So lovely (clicking on the picture might or might not enlarge, so try it!) The knitting story about this one (related to why the bolero gauge was off) is that whilst on holiday, I sat down with Tamsin who wanted to know why my knitting looked so different to hers. Long story short it's because I taught myself to knit and so all of my knitting for the last 10 years has been twisted. You can see this in a closeup of any project - my stitches take on an odd v look to them instead of the nice u that they're supposed to be. So after learning the slightly better way to throw the yarn on a knit stitch (where I was differing), I was going to switch to my new method when I came home from holiday and continued the back of my sweater. Well, Ling kindly pointed out how odd it would look to switch stitches mid-garment, so I finished the back in my old method. How laborious! But she was right, it looks better that way. I did switch stitches on the booga bag I'm knitting - it's soooooooo obvious. Thank god I'm felting it (the booga, not the cable shell).

Not too much else exciting to tell. News, obviously, but this post is about knitting knitting so if I get loads of free time -yeah right- then I'll post more about everything else!



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