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My life with two toddlers and two cats, all of whom are out to drive me nuts and destroy my knitting!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Much Better

Well house is now cleaner, I am much calmer. And have had a 'chat' with the man, so hopefully will need to rant less (but not holding my breath). Am going back to Ally Pally with Ling tomorrow to see if there are any bargains or anything that I just NEED. I'm thinking some Cascade 220 as there are like a bunch of stuff I'm interested in felting. The kittens need cat beds, for instance. Also neeed (well want, but y'all know what I mean) to see if I can find any bargains so I can start my rug. I need 30-40 strands and well I don't want to kill off ALL of my project wool at once.

I've learned my lesson and will wear trainers and a backpack;)

Stay tuned for piccies of my spoils...


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