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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Less than 24 hrs before we leave on vacation for 2.5 weeks. But the nightmare is over!


it's midnight and we're leaving for the airport in 9 hrs and I have to finish packing. Ahh and then there's the delight that will be a 8 hr flight with NO entertainment for our kids. I. HATE. TERRORISTS. Worse than the thought that they almost blew up planes, in a funny way I sometimes think that the interruption they've brought to our lives as a result is almost as bad. And it means that they've been successful without having to kill anyone - we're all packing our dry contacts, scratching up our expensive glasses and tasting our babies' formula because 24 people thought it'd be a laugh to blow up innocent people. Nice.

Might post from the road but due to handluggage restrictions we can't bring our laptop. Whaaaahhh!!! So might have to post when we get back. I just got a new camera so defintely will take piccies with it!



At 9:37 AM , Anonymous stac said...

yeeeey kate good for you! congrats n the house. call me when your in the states, ive been watching the news since thursday morning. actually woke at 7 am with the news on the tv (fell asleep with the tv on as usual but at moms this prob dont worry ;)

first thought i had was "ohh nooo..kates flying here soon! whatta nightmare" i ran up to the computer to find the dates you were coming then realized that you were doomed! call me when your in the states if you can ok? the phone will change one of these dyas when we move so ill email you the cell phone number in the mean time and the new phone when we get it

At 10:15 PM , Blogger Ling said...

Hi Kate
I have my fingers crossed for you that you've been able to get onto your flight. Hope you have a safe journey.

Congratulations on the house. At long BLOODY last!!!!


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