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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pirates and the promise of piccies

If anyone wants to see a movie this summer that they can sit thru and just smile at, go watch Johnny Depp, Orlando and Keira. It was pretty good, even if it was mainly a set up for the next movie. Well, I say pretty good... I mean it wasn't an academy award winner or anything BUT it made me smile and I forgot how long I was sitting there, which in my book with my baby addled brain is what I need at the moment.

I even managed to knit whilst watching. Okay, so I'm knitting a stockinette portion of the cable shell from chicKnits so it wasn't rocket science but I was still impressed with me for being able to knit by only the light of the movie. and because the posh yarn is sort of strand-y (I've also heard it referred to as split-y) (but don't get me wrong, it's lovely stuff). I am also proud that i only have one stitch about 7 rows down that needs to be re-worked.

And later today, promise, I"ll show piccies. I frogged the t-twist (did I say this already?) because I realised for some bizarre reason I knit slower in the round. Must be my general lack of speed combined with the way the stitches are held when they're on the round? Found similar issues with knitting socks on two circulars only it's just 50-50 odd stitches and not 234 every round with difficult yarn.

So next week is the move. Things are a mess here, but we're half packed. Moving date is still 'set' for this Friday only we're just about positive we won't be moving, it'll be Monday instead. To combat the depression and general stress of this situation, we're thinking of a short break for the weekend - here. Nice, huh?

Pictures soon, promise:)


At 9:44 PM , Blogger Ling said...

Hope you are having a lovely break this weekend.

Thanks for your tip about Prairie Tunic. I'm still mulling over it. You know what's gutting - my seams are so damn neat and beautiful for once. Maybe I'll just wear it, semi-pregnant style.

At 10:52 PM , Anonymous Anne said...

I gave up the potty training

By Sunday lunchtime she was in tears having pooed in her pants. Once I'd cleaned her up I offered her the choice between pants and nappy (which I'd gently done several times before) - she asked for a nappy. The sense of relief was tremendous.

She's getting there though - today she asked Adam to bring the potty downstairs and performed successfully, although she still doesn't appear to have any recognition of weeing.

I'm definitely not going to try again now for several months.

Well done Maddy - she obviously does understand exactly what's going on. PMSL at her mercenary traits!

Hey - Ruth can ride a bike - who needs bladder control!!! (But oh the pressure when everyone else seems to be able to do it, but that's my problem, not hers...)

Oh yes, I get SSS too - and with those Trekking socks it's bad - esp since that gorgeous pink and purple stuff arrived. Still, the K2P2 rib is good mindless knitting, so I'll try to get the second sock done while we're away next week. (3 nights in Blackpool - never let it be said that we don't have classy holidays! John's brother, wife and 3 los live about 10 min up the coast, so we're mainly going to see them, but it's easier for everyone if we don't actually stay in their house.)

At 9:01 PM , Blogger Alice said...

Good luck with your move (how exciting!) and have a lovely break. You surely deserve it!


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