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My life with two toddlers and two cats, all of whom are out to drive me nuts and destroy my knitting!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pictures - FINALLY!!

See, I promised I'd try to show some pictures of what I'm Knitting, for a change...
At the moment I'm having monogamy issues, so instead of showing half a finished sweater, I've got two back pieces of two sweaters. The doldrums are forcing me to do every other piece... I'm now working my way through a dark pink front!

Here we have Digging Sweater from the Miss Bea's Colours
Knit in Rowan Wool Cotton, shade called 'Aloof'

And this is Hearts Sweater from the same book, in All Season's Cotton, which I adore. This is the color Kiss, long discontinued (4 or 5 years ago). I originally made a sleeve of this sweater for another little girl who is way to large for it, and not into pink hearts either. I found out that I loved this color and it was discontinued and at the time searched everywhere until I found it at a craft store. I got 7 skeins even though at the time I knew I only needed 6, just to be sure! I feel good knitting this up for Maddie, she'll love it! I'm going to add some intarsia on the front piece, a bright pink heart for a little bit of fun, then use the same color for the collar and cuffs of the sleeves. The dark pink is, well, too dark!

I don't know why I can't seem to stay interested in knitting anything for myself long enough to finish it. I could have finished half if not more of my SKB if I'd been working on it, but I haven't. Maybe when I go to NYC with Ling I'll take something to knit for me? Maybe finish that other sock, which is sister to the pair I knit for my mom? Oh I don't know... there are sooo many cute sweaters in these Miss Bea books that I want to knit. And what's more I have like most of the wool for the all seasons cotton ones... I could literally knit every sweater in the book I'm working in, and be happy. But I'm not that sad... am I?

I should go for now. The now walking Jamie is bored and pulling down everything he can find from every height. Oh joy...